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Happiness arrived early

May 12

On my way out to play with the new board. Was supposed to get it around the end of may, but happy surprise, I got it yesterday. Really looking forward to try it and hoping I won’t loose it the first day..


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New kiteboard – oh joy!

Apr 25

I’ve just ordered myself a new kiteboard, the North Kontact, directional wave board 5’10” from 2011. I am so stoked, wanted a board like this since forever, and finally got offered one quite cheap. I’m gonna surf big waves!! juhuuuuu..


Gorgeous or what?! Weeee! While you’re at it,
also check out this video if you haven’t already – I can’t wait!

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Mini ski poles from Black Diamond

Feb 2

I just got these new ski poles from Black Diamond. They are amazingly small, even fits inside my Dakine Heli Pro backpack. They can be this small cause you can fold them up just like the avalanche probe. Got them from


For those rainy days

Sep 23

Got this yesterday and I am super happy with it. I can do it without my back complaining and I’m thinking it’s worth a try, maybe this will make it better. Also a good workout for the balance and my legs/thighs so I’ll be ready for the snowboarding season coming up, and all other board sports… And it looks really beautiful!


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OCEAN RODEO MAKO 140 Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mar 16

I got my new (used) board this weekend and I am super stoked – love it!! 😀

Also got a Ocean Rodeo 6m2 kite, but haven’t had the chance to try it yet. Hopefully this weekend will be windy!!

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