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Late night kiting

Jan 30

The other night we had a bbq at the kite spot, and that gave me an opportunity for some late night photography. It was a bit dark for my zoom lens, but got some OK shots and the bbq was excellent. 


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We can see the kite spot from the balcony 

Jan 27

From the balcony we have an absolute fabulous view of the kite spot. We finally got to try it out yesterday, and I was so stoked I completely forgot to take out my camera. The spot is beautiful and the conditions were perfect. Had a great time and finished when it started getting dark around 18:00. After dinner we were completely bashed and went to bed around 22. It is very nice with this view to get up early in the morning and just enjoy it with a cup of coffee.


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Apr 8

Tried out this new app, similar to Instagram, but you can publish a series of photos, videos and text in one post and it looks like a little book. Seems quite nice. I made to collections, one with some surf photos and one with some kitesurfing.

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It’s been a busy few months

Nov 26

Think I have had one good kitesurfing day since this semester started, one not so good day, and this day.. Just popped to the beach cause it was gonna be some insane winds and some crazy few decided to go kiting. I had to work, but just wanted to take some pictures quickly. Ended up running up and down the beach rescuing kiters who could not kite or land the kites because of the sudden strong wind gusts. Soaking wet and half an hour late for work, but ehh.. Only two weeks left of this semester and I will have almost a month off uni at least.. Hoping for some serious water and snow time!

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Sola beach kitesurfing

Mar 11

I had my gear all packed and was ready to go out when I realized my wetsuit had gotten all hard and useless after hanging in the garage all winter. I decided to go out to the beach anyhow to do some photography and it was good fun. I put my suit in the washing with Milo, seemed better when it got out, hope it’s still good when it dries, or else that’s the next new thing I have to buy…

Here’s some pictures and a short film clip from yesterday:

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WHILE WE’RE WAITING FOR THE WIND Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mar 17

Spot: Bore Wind: 0 m/s I was using: Nikon D60 Sigma 10-20

Considering it’s October, we’ve had some really nice weather, but I haven’t had any kitesurfing in ages, actually it’s been a month today! I’m at school right now, but looking at Windguru there might be a possibility today. This week I have bought new Gore-Tex clothes and booked a trip to Bad Gastein for snowboarding in January… Thinking I also need to buy a new wet suit soon, winter is getting close.

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Reve surf

Feb 12

Just a photo from Reve this weekend – some nice surf

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Feb 12

Just posted some photos from Saturdays surf session on my page

…if you wanna have a look 🙂

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Surfe NM

Feb 11

The Norwegian Wave Surfing Championship was held this weekend.

Men and women were both on Friday, longboard was supposed to be today (sunday), but was cancelled because of strong wind.


The results are as follows:



1. Jonas Paulsen

2. Kristian B. Sørensen

3. Hans Kristian Waarum

4. Jan Helge Dale



1. Åse Øydegard

2. Unn Haukenes

3. Ingunn Waarum-Botnen

4. Kristine Tofte

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