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Mar 16

So, very tired and slightly hung over, this morning I get a message from Mike saying: “Våkne!!! Flekkefjord kabelbane!!! Jeg kjører om 15 minutter!!!!” – Wake up, I’m leaving in 15 minutes!!!! I managed to push it to 30 minutes, then we were on our way. I never tried this before so I was super happy and a little nervous. The car was filled up with boards, it was nice and sunny and we were meeting Mikes brother there. Had really good day, got to play a lot with my new board and I’m now gonna go to sleep with very tired arms! A lot of happiness and will be going back there soon 😀 Good weekend!

Bringing camera, leaving memory card at home – bad idea! The only picture I have from today is taken with my crap phone I have while waiting for the new iPhone, but at least you can see whats going on…

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