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Surfing in Peniche, Portugal

Nov 26

Here’s some pictures from the Rip Curl surf competition at the Supertubos in Peniche and some friends surfing Gigi in Baleal. Great trip to Protugal, can’t wait to go back.
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Wave kiting

Jun 3

Had a little photo session at the beach today.
Some of the pics are a bit unsharp, but I still liked them.

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kite 12

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Finally – a fantastic kitesurfing day!!!

Jul 25

The day started out a bit grey and cold, as the sun came out it got warmer and warmer, and suddenly there is also wind!! Couldn’t be more perfect. We were about 10+ people at Bore north and it was great, just what I needed! Was using my 12m North Rebel and my twin tip Brunotti board. Happiness! –>> More pictures at Flickr <<–

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First downwind with the new board

May 13

Søren, Jonny and me had a small downwind from Bore to Orre yesterday. First on new boards for Jonny and me. We were super happy. Cause I had to bring my phone, I recorded our tracks with the ski tracks app. Fun to see. Max speed was 36 km/h and average was 19 km/h. We went 14 km, of course zig zagging a bit. More to come!! 😀


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