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Kitesurfing perfection

Feb 29

Yesterday’s session at Frigate Island was absolutely gorgeous. The kite spot was almost empty and Ivica is making great progress.


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Late night kiting

Jan 30

The other night we had a bbq at the kite spot, and that gave me an opportunity for some late night photography. It was a bit dark for my zoom lens, but got some OK shots and the bbq was excellent. 


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We can see the kite spot from the balcony 

Jan 27

From the balcony we have an absolute fabulous view of the kite spot. We finally got to try it out yesterday, and I was so stoked I completely forgot to take out my camera. The spot is beautiful and the conditions were perfect. Had a great time and finished when it started getting dark around 18:00. After dinner we were completely bashed and went to bed around 22. It is very nice with this view to get up early in the morning and just enjoy it with a cup of coffee.


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Finally made it to the Caribbean

Jan 26

We made it to our destination, Union Island. The last lap was a very fun ride from Martinique in a super cool Cessna plane, that just managed to fit us and the luggage. We will be here for the next three months so there will probably be a couple more photos. 


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Surfing in Peniche, Portugal

Nov 26

Here’s some pictures from the Rip Curl surf competition at the Supertubos in Peniche and some friends surfing Gigi in Baleal. Great trip to Protugal, can’t wait to go back.
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