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Kitesurfing perfection

Feb 29

Yesterday’s session at Frigate Island was absolutely gorgeous. The kite spot was almost empty and Ivica is making great progress.


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Late night kiting

Jan 30

The other night we had a bbq at the kite spot, and that gave me an opportunity for some late night photography. It was a bit dark for my zoom lens, but got some OK shots and the bbq was excellent. 


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We can see the kite spot from the balcony 

Jan 27

From the balcony we have an absolute fabulous view of the kite spot. We finally got to try it out yesterday, and I was so stoked I completely forgot to take out my camera. The spot is beautiful and the conditions were perfect. Had a great time and finished when it started getting dark around 18:00. After dinner we were completely bashed and went to bed around 22. It is very nice with this view to get up early in the morning and just enjoy it with a cup of coffee.


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Apr 8

Tried out this new app, similar to Instagram, but you can publish a series of photos, videos and text in one post and it looks like a little book. Seems quite nice. I made to collections, one with some surf photos and one with some kitesurfing.

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Wave kiting

Jun 3

Had a little photo session at the beach today.
Some of the pics are a bit unsharp, but I still liked them.

Click here to see the whole album

kite 12

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It’s been a busy few months

Nov 26

Think I have had one good kitesurfing day since this semester started, one not so good day, and this day.. Just popped to the beach cause it was gonna be some insane winds and some crazy few decided to go kiting. I had to work, but just wanted to take some pictures quickly. Ended up running up and down the beach rescuing kiters who could not kite or land the kites because of the sudden strong wind gusts. Soaking wet and half an hour late for work, but ehh.. Only two weeks left of this semester and I will have almost a month off uni at least.. Hoping for some serious water and snow time!

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A new kitesurfer

Aug 7

Took my niece Amelia to the beach today. She’s gotten a wetsuit and harness for her birthday this year so she could try kiting when she came to visit in Norway this summer. Finally today we had some good wind and went out to Bore. It was rainy and nasty when we got there, but shortly after, the rain stopped, and later we also had some much welcomed sunshine. This is the first time Amelia tried a kite like this and she managed really well. In just a few hours she could fly the kite without troubles and even tried body-dragging in the water. Made me a really happy auntie to see the big smile on her face when she was in the water. Weeeee… Tomorrow we’ll try to get up early and head for Sola beach for some more fun! (Oh, yeah, I got to have some fun as well, tons of power in my 9m2 made for some big jumps and sweet surfing at Bore today – joy!)


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Finally – a fantastic kitesurfing day!!!

Jul 25

The day started out a bit grey and cold, as the sun came out it got warmer and warmer, and suddenly there is also wind!! Couldn’t be more perfect. We were about 10+ people at Bore north and it was great, just what I needed! Was using my 12m North Rebel and my twin tip Brunotti board. Happiness! –>> More pictures at Flickr <<–

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First downwind with the new board

May 13

Søren, Jonny and me had a small downwind from Bore to Orre yesterday. First on new boards for Jonny and me. We were super happy. Cause I had to bring my phone, I recorded our tracks with the ski tracks app. Fun to see. Max speed was 36 km/h and average was 19 km/h. We went 14 km, of course zig zagging a bit. More to come!! 😀


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Happiness arrived early

May 12

On my way out to play with the new board. Was supposed to get it around the end of may, but happy surprise, I got it yesterday. Really looking forward to try it and hoping I won’t loose it the first day..


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