Took my niece Amelia to the beach today. She’s gotten a wetsuit and harness for her birthday this year so she could try kiting when she came to visit in Norway this summer. Finally today we had some good wind and went out to Bore. It was rainy and nasty when we got there, but shortly after, the rain stopped, and later we also had some much welcomed sunshine. This is the first time Amelia tried a kite like this and she managed really well. In just a few hours she could fly the kite without troubles and even tried body-dragging in the water. Made me a really happy auntie to see the big smile on her face when she was in the water. Weeeee… Tomorrow we’ll try to get up early and head for Sola beach for some more fun! (Oh, yeah, I got to have some fun as well, tons of power in my 9m2 made for some big jumps and sweet surfing at Bore today – joy!)