Kitesurfing and photography

Finally made it to the Caribbean

Finally made it to the Caribbean

We made it to our destination, Union Island. The last lap was a very fun ride from Martinique in a super cool Cessna plane, that just managed to fit us and the luggage. We will be here for the next three months so there will probably be a couple more photos.



Tried out this new app, similar to Instagram, but you can publish a series of photos, videos and text in one post and it looks like a little book. Seems quite nice. I made to collections, one with some surf photos and one with some kitesurfing.

Snowboarding in Sirdal

Snowboarding in Tjørhomfjellet, Sirdal this winter. Pictures taken with my iPhone.  

Surfing in Peniche, Portugal

Here's some pictures from the Rip Curl surf competition at the Supertubos in Peniche and some friends surfing Gigi in Baleal. Great trip to Protugal, can't wait to go back. (Flickr gallery)

Wave kiting

Had a little photo session at the beach today. Some of the pics are a bit unsharp, but I still liked them. Click here to see the whole album

Snow in Hemsedal

13-16th of December we had some good snow days in Hemsedal. Here's some GoPro clips I put together from Øysteins camera. Ann-Mari on telemark and myself on the snowboard.

It’s been a busy few months

Think I have had one good kitesurfing day since this semester started, one not so good day, and this day.. Just popped to the beach cause it was gonna be some insane winds and some crazy few decided to go kiting. I had to work, but just wanted to take some pictures...

A new kitesurfer

Took my niece Amelia to the beach today. She's gotten a wetsuit and harness for her birthday this year so she could try kiting when she came to visit in Norway this summer. Finally today we had some good wind and went out to Bore. It was rainy and nasty when we got...

Finally – a fantastic kitesurfing day!!!

The day started out a bit grey and cold, as the sun came out it got warmer and warmer, and suddenly there is also wind!! Couldn't be more perfect. We were about 10+ people at Bore north and it was great, just what I needed! Was using my 12m North Rebel and my twin tip...

First downwind with the new board

Søren, Jonny and me had a small downwind from Bore to Orre yesterday. First on new boards for Jonny and me. We were super happy. Cause I had to bring my phone, I recorded our tracks with the ski tracks app. Fun to see. Max speed was 36 km/h and average was 19 km/h. We...

Happiness arrived early

On my way out to play with the new board. Was supposed to get it around the end of may, but happy surprise, I got it yesterday. Really looking forward to try it and hoping I won't loose it the first day..

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 😀

A perfect day. Went out to the beach after work, all the cool people were there and the weather was magnificent! FINALLY got to try my new North Rebel 12m and it's amazing! I am so so so so happy! Wonderful magical sunny and beautiful day! kitesurfing-love!!! (Oh, and...

New kiteboard – oh joy!

I've just ordered myself a new kiteboard, the North Kontact, directional wave board 5'10" from 2011. I am so stoked, wanted a board like this since forever, and finally got offered one quite cheap. I'm gonna surf big waves!! juhuuuuu..   Gorgeous or what?! Weeee!...

Epic day!

Loads of wind, beautiful weather, tons of fun! Almost forgot about the pictures, but went back and got some before I left. Been playing around with them in Aperture this evening. Anyhows, today was a brilliant break from my studies, supah'happy! More pics at Flickr...

In the clouds

Another great day at Sola. The winds were pretty strong and a bit gusty, but loads of fun. Was using both my 9m and my 6m, and both the Brunotti and the Ocean Rodeo board. Still haven't got to try my 12m!! Neal came out with me today as well and got pulled along the...

Let’s just kitesurf all day!

Had no school and no work today, and when wind reports predicted perfect wind all day I decided to go to the beach. No one else was there, but lucky for me Neal wanted to come so we took turns, me either kitesurfing or teaching him. He got pretty far for just one day...

My first day on the water

I am just super stoked and super happy. Had a fantastic evening at Sola today. Good wind, happy people, lots of joy and it wasn't even cold! "Unfortunately" it was a bit much wind for me to try the new 12m Rebel, but a fun fun session with the old 9m Evo. Will go out...

Sola beach kitesurfing

I had my gear all packed and was ready to go out when I realized my wetsuit had gotten all hard and useless after hanging in the garage all winter. I decided to go out to the beach anyhow to do some photography and it was good fun. I put my suit in the washing with...

Waterproof case for iPhone

Got this in the mail today from - It is a waterproof bag for iPhone, and it is made in a way that lets me use the touchscreen and camera with the phone still in the bag. I probably wont bring the phone into the water with me, but I wont have to worry ever...